The Big #Game : Unmentionable #NFL #football event powers up commerce!

It’s that time of the year again, and this Sunday is The S*p*rb*wl. If you have a car with a radio, most do these days, except maybe the Dodge Demon, you may have noticed that you don’t hear the word S*p*rb*wl as much anymore.

That’s because around 2015, the NFL and its lawyers, decided that radio and television broadcasters were profiting simply by using the word S*p*rb*wl.  They put a stop to almost all use of the word S*p*rb*wl without paying a licensing fee.

In what seems like a back door agreement, the National Association of Broadcasters has adopted the phrase “The Big Game” – not to be confused with Big Game, which is another football event!

The Big Game – Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

The Big Game is everywhere, restaurants, commercials, bars, and grocery stores. Merchants are using these 3 words to spam everything from beer coolers to new trucks to load up your junk and head out to the football party with your loud friends.

The exact search term, in quotes, on Google returns over 73 million results!

Not surprising, the matching domain, is for sale at Uniregistry, where it was recently listed for sale according to the landing page.

One tip for the owner, however: They may want to use a generic lander as the word S*p*rb*wl appears on the ads!

So who will win The Big Game? The 49ers or the Chiefs? We don’t care. LOL.

May Jennifer Lopez and Shakira bless y’all with their half time show performances! 😀

Story kudos: Dale G.

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