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The Catholic Church embraces new gTLD registrants as having a soul

Pope Francis eulogizing the new gTLDs at the Vatican.

In a ground-breaking announcement, the Catholic Church announced late on Sunday that new gTLD registrants are not “soul-less humanoids.”

The Holy See officials at the Vatican issued this announcement:

“His Holiness, Pope Francis, embraces all other cultures, civilizations and beliefs; it is with pure joy that as of today, we officially embrace, and extend a nurturing shelter to all domain investors that own new gTLDs.”

This remarkable statement by the Vatican comes as no surprise; for months, large new gTLD registries, such as Donuts, Inc. and Uniregistry have been lobbying for a change in the status quo.

“All domainers are now equal before God, and we can finally move on with a positive, constructive spirit,” said Frank Schilling, founder and CEO of Uniregistry.

A similar statement was issued by Donuts, Inc.:

“The old religion has embraced the new religion, and we’re confident that 2017 will be a great year for our gTLD portfolio.”

If you have new gTLD domains, you now qualify to be a member of the Domain Church, as of today, without the need to spend years upon years of excommunication at the domain Purgatory.


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