The domain future is now : Donuts rolls out new gTLD campaign

Fresh out of the creative studios of Donuts, Inc., a new campaign titled “The Domain Future is Now” features Paul Stahura.

The Donuts, Inc., CEO is operating a virtual reality device and matching controllers.

“The campaign by Donuts is meant to promote the future of domains, and how it expands well beyond the minimal options consumers had for a couple of decades,” said Paul Stahura, walking around a seemingly empty room with VR googles on.

“At Donuts.Domains, we are here to both educate and provide the general public with meaningful domain names, in a vast array of new gTLDs that actually mean something. The domain future is now, folks!”

The Donuts, Inc. campaign will continue well into the new year, 2017, so get ready for some great visuals showcasing the new gTLDs, virtual reality, and Paul Stahura’s glowing silhouette.

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