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The #Domain King, Rick Schwartz, is back!

Rick Schwartz, the de facto Domain King, has returned.

No, Rick did not get back on Twitter, a social medium he ditched at the end of 2017.

Instead, Rick Schwartz has finally broken his domain blogging radio silence, by posting a cryptic one liner:

” The Life, The Death and The Rebirth of the Industry of Domains. Coming this summer.”

What a tease of a statement, so we’ll try to offer a few guesses on what the words of the Domain King might indicate! 😀

Rick Schwartz – NamePros member.

Here are our top 5 guesses:

  • Rick is relaunching TRAFFIC. After the final conference in 2014, a lot of water has passed under the domaining bridge. Perhaps it’s time to reboot the franchise.
  • Rick is writing a book, to be published in the summer. Rick’s been sharing his extensive knowledge and experience in the domain industry for years, through the blog, twitter (now gone) and videos on DomainSherpa (many gone.) A book format would be the ideal medium to pass on his domaining wisdom to the coming generations.
  • Rick is about to reveal an eight figure domain sale. As if the sale of Porno.com for $8,888,888.88 weren’t enough, an eight figure sale would permanently etch Rick’s name onto the Golden Book of domain investing.
  • Rick will be unleashing a time machine. The ultimate gift to all domainers, as we’d be able to go back in time and replicate Rick’s successful career in domain investing. If only!
  • Rick will be sharing news about achieving immortality. The only drawback we can think of, is perpetual domain renewal fees. That’s got to suck! 😀

But seriously, whatever news Rick Schwartz reveals in the summer about his personal success story, it will be spectacular. Looking forward to it?

Keep checking out his blog, at DomainKing.com.

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