The Domain King®’s “Chips” : No Chinese domain market fears!

Rick Schwartz.

For over 20 years, the Domain King®, Rick Schwartz, has been successful in acquiring premium domains at low prices – at reg fee, even – and then selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions.

Rick’s domain portfolio is intriguing; in the past, we shared some findings, regarding numeric domains in his possession.

With the Chinese domain market in shambles, and below its peak of exactly one year ago, we wondered what “domain Chips” Rick owns.

The following domain list cannot be complete, surely, but at least we tried to include both “Western premiums” and “Chinese premiums” in the LLLL domain genre.

Without further ado, here is the non-exhaustive list of the Domain King®’s LLLL domains:

As one can tell, there are plenty of premium adult domains, and none seem to be “random” letters, indicating that Rick went after meaningful words with potential to monetize or resell.

Many of those adult LLLL’s are being monetized with adult content providers, such as the popular Chaturbate. They most likely generate a handsome profit month after month after month!

Therefore, whether the Chinese domain market rises again or dips even further, Rick’s investments are safe from the madness that 2016 has been.

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