The Domain Lord and the Twelve Domain Disciples

The Twelve Domain Disciples

Good morning, my children in domaining. This is Father Domainicus with a special Easter message.

As we’re heading towards the day of the Crucifixion of our Domain Lordwhich is on Good Friday, tomorrow – it’s remarkable how many domainers are still searching Google for unrelated Easter elements.

One such silly and unnatural element is the Easter Bunny. Some foolish people that are not of the Faith have even attempted to track the Easter Bunny, as if it were Santa.

Easter is a time of getting together with family and sharing your love – along with good food and information about domain names. And that is exactly, my domainer children, what our good Domain Lord wished for, when he spent painful hours on the Cross.

Today is the day of the Last Supper – when our Domain Lord and his Twelve Domain Disciples shared a meal together.

They feasted, knowing that the end is near. Our Domain Lord has been warning us about the imminent falling of the skies for years now, so keep an eye on that.

Meanwhile, a bit of domain advice: looking up the use of the names of the Twelve Apostles is a bit disheartening. Not a single one is used for the purpose set forth by our Domain Lord, to promote the Faith.

Let’s view them in detail:

  • Peter – An empty web site with no content
  • Andrew – A services company called Andrew Solutions
  • James – Some silly stuff called James Consultants
  • John – Another broken web site
  • Philip – A lame parking page
  • Bartholomew – They charge $35 for a personalized email under this one
  • Matthew – Parked page, again
  • Thomas – Some publishing company
  • James – A different James, but same as before
  • Thaddeus – Thaddeus Computing
  • Simon – Simon Malls
  • Judas – Parked page (apparently earns 30 shekels every Easter)

As you can see, my domain children, these results are truly sad for people of faith like me. But I have no animosity in my heart.

As our Domain Lord said “Love the peddlers and the Sodomites of Jerusalem, the whores and the trading merchants; for the domaining days are short“.

With that, I leave you to enjoy a wonderful and productive day!

~Father Domainicus


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