Three letter dot com domain sold for a ridiculously low sum

Three letter .com domains are sought after by domain investors.

The domain name was sold today for the ridiculously low price of $18,500 on a Sedo auction that attracted a handful of participants.

This is an insanely great deal assuming that the buyer will followup with payment – for a three letter dot .com registered in 1992; the era that predates the commercial Internet!

The term “TCP” returns a staggering 135 million results in Google, as it stands for “transmission control protocol” – one of the core protocols of the Internet Protocol Suite (the other being IP).

The seller is James Lick who operated as a small ISP for years and lives in Taiwan. James also owns, and among other quality domains.

While prices for three letter dot .com domains have taken a slide since 2008, there are plenty of instances where private auctions create opportunities such as this one and not an indication of this domain’s actual value.

An absolutely fantastic deal for the buyer!


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13 Responses to “Three letter dot com domain sold for a ridiculously low sum”
  1. Guy says:

    few reasons for this

    firstly same reason you or I didn’t buy. yes good price, but there are thousands of deals and thousands of great domains on sale
    people simply dont have cash right now and it’s not an immediate flip at that price. far from it

    also I can possibly see some tm issues. very famous in UK, only think of one thing when say tc p
    of course it shouldnt be this way but some of the udrp decisions on pure amazing old generics is disgraceful

    also as you said

    “This is an insanely great deal – assuming that the buyer will followup with payment ”

    answered own question there. even great deals there are many timewasters and dreamers and people scrabbling to raise cash

    good domain, but not ridiculously low in todays market. many better deals imo

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Guy – For an ultra-aged 3-letter .com the deal is exceptional. Furthermore, it’s been owned by the same person for almost 20 years with no issues. This is a 6-figure domain that was sold very low because of lack of publicity. The seller should have used Sedo brokerage instead.

  3. BullS says:

    I could have bought it !!!

    Remember, all domainers are making big money.

  4. I could see this name sell rather easily for $20k-$30k on the reseller market (if you contact “big” buyers directly and not post it on the dying forums).

    I’ve seen better deals though, but this was indeed a steal (even in “today’s market”; – the term everyone uses when they don’t have cash to buy names).

  5. RaTHeaD says:

    crap… i offered more than that a while back as a domain shortener for the city paper.
    oh well… they never found hattie… they never found the shack… and they never made a trip back in.
    life goes on.

  6. Guy says:

    You know same as i do, rightly or wrongly when domains change hands, predators and tm lawyers alert clients etc
    is wrong but happens
    sheesh recently i read the lawyers were clambering to say just by renewing a domain after a tm has been lodged may be in bad faith
    not saying a tm domain but i would be wary
    yes lower end of what i would have expected to go for and may double their money, who knows
    however this was a public auction on one of the main platforms and this is all it sold for
    people have limited funds. fact
    also i can and do spend this sum on multiple better domains, as I’m sure you do
    the deals are out there

  7. Guy says:

    this was a fair to lowish domainer price, simple
    enduser price who knows. applies to most good domains
    to say it is a 6 figure domain, possibly, but only to a big enduser. theres no way a domainer or investor would ever pay that
    would you?
    why didnt you buy at this price if such a great deal?
    for the reasons i outlined, thats why

  8. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Guy – I don’t sell with domainers in mind and so should you 😉 End users is where the money is: companies, management funds etc. So yes, the price was horribly low for a domain and letters of this caliber. Don’t get me started on the 1992 registration date!

  9. Guy says:

    the market spoke
    18.5k is still a lot to tie up in a domain imo hoping for an enduser
    also endusers dont give a monkeys about registration dates
    thats domainer thinking again
    they will try to use against you if anything lol
    bottom line i prefer generics to acronyms all day long

  10. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Somehow I don’t consider 6 bidders to represent “the market”. It was a horrible mistake to send the domain to auction and not broker it, reaching out to the real market. End users do give a monkey about registration dates because there is a lot of cushion to established domains. But here’s a tip: when selling a premium domain, form a company, assign it as an asset and sell the company. Makes a huge difference with the end price and the taxes.

  11. Guy says:

    be acreful ‘reaching out’ with an acronym
    many have lost domains via udrp this way
    if you’re going to do as you say, go the full hog and register a trademark too
    after you’ve done all that you may as well use it and the domain lol
    what a novel idea

    all sedo auctions are featured on main domain forums and cax etc and main blogs
    so a lot of eyeballs saw it
    only 6 people were interested oir wanted to bid
    like i said i didnt buy ir for the same reasons you didnt
    theres far more ‘ridiculously’ low sales i could point you too
    in fact hardly waste an ‘article’
    and with that this is my last post
    you loved this traffic biatch lol

  12. Guy says:

    ok my last one lol
    as much as very nice letters and very old, i appreciate the beauty of domain, trust me
    there are VERY few endusers, sometimes this happens with premium letters
    its weird
    take a look. amazingly few
    if none have deep pockets or approach you, you may have 18.5k tied up for another 10 years or more

  13. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    The idea is, until you have a great offer, you don’t sell. We’ll have to wait and see who bought the domain in order to reach some concrete conclusions 🙂

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