Toni Wood: New ‘Domain App’ saves you both money and embarrassing registrations!

A new smartphone and tablet app for domain investors, called Drop Da Krap!, has been released.

Its function and primary mission: To ensure that your registrations of ‘crap’ domains are kept to a low minimum.

“As a domain investor, I always wondered what percentage of my domain names were ‘pigeon shit’,” said the chief developer, Toni Wood.

“Now, there’s an app for that; at a glance I can see whether my PSI is a normal 20 or a very dangerous 47 like before.” added Wood.

The ‘PSI‘ was in reference to the Pigeon Shit Index, a number that determines the percentage of worthlessness that one’s domain portfolio possesses. PSI ranges from a pigeon-free 0 PSI to a very stinky-guano 250 PSI.

“Those that reach the upper limits of the index will benefit from the Drop Da Krap! app a whole lot,” said Toni Wood. “For example, registrants of .tel and .pw domains will see their PSI sky-rocket at first.”

“The crappier your domains, the higher the alarms that the app will emit at regular intervals, urging you to drop those horrible domains. At renewal time, it can be programmed to take down your Internet access as well!” exclaimed Wood.

The Drop Da Krap! app costs only $7.99, less than a measly domain registration fee, and it can save you thousands of dollars during the course of your domain flipping career.


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