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Total Domainer Strangers : Ammar Kubba’s new domain investment venture is a big hit in California

Rare photo of Ammar Kubba without red pants or silk shirt on.

Inspired by a recent incident involving an Uber driver, domain investor Ammar Kubba is launching a new venture, Total Domainer Strangers Inc.

The Thought Convergence founder explains how inviting an Uber driver for a movie changed his life:

“I like to push my comfort zone. After our Uber ride was over, my wife and I invited our very sociable driver to dinner and a movie.

Watching “The Blair Witch Project” with a burly, six foot four stranger that could use a bath was a real challenge, but also an inspiration for my project, Total Domainer Strangers!” exclaimed Ammar Kubba, speaking enthusiastically.

The domain-related project involves getting random people on the street to pitch in and co-invest in random domain ventures. Everything is done with a contract and legal papers, it’s just that the sourcing of the investors is done randomly.

“Who wants to see the same old joint ventures with the same old partners every time, it gets boring,” said Ammar Kubba, adding: “I’d rather invest in domains with soccer moms at the super market, a couple of Mexican guys mowing the lawn, a priest at a non-denominational church and the occasional Raiders fan or two. We’re here for the long haul, baby!”

Total Domainer Strangers opens its gates as soon as the Kubbas manage to evict their Uber driver, who took advantage of a strange California law against eviction and refuses to leave their couch.

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