TRAFFIC 2008 : Gator disaster almost hit domain conference!

The sad news of a child being dragged by an alligator into the waters, on Disney property, is devastating.

The two year old played at night, in an area that resembles a sandy beach, wading in shallow water.

The incident brought back memories of a near disaster that occurred in 2008, during the Orlando TRAFFIC conference.

One night after the partying ended at the bars, several domain investors sought a more relaxed area to have some drinks and unwind.

The group included DomainSponsor employees, and several others, who just wanted to have some fun. 😀

The DomainSponsor booth during TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, FL

The DomainSponsor booth during TRAFFIC 2008 in Orlando, FL

We won’t confirm or deny whether other substances were involved, but there was plenty of legal alcohol being consumed at the time.


Some went dipping into the welcoming waters of the spring night, only to be warned by security personnel about the hard-biting reptiles lurking in the dark.

We have not seen so many people spring back out from the water since “Jaws” was in the theaters.

Many thanks to Susan Lawrence, Sam Aidun and Sevan Derderian for the memories. 🙂

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