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TRAFFIC Speed Networker matched with his own self


A bizarre incident occurred today at the TRAFFIC speed networking sessions, as Steve diMuccio a domain investor from Milwaukee – was scheduled to engage in timed meetings with himself.

“I was always a loner at high school and I got used to creating imaginary friends and such, so it’s not that much of a shock,” jested diMuccio.

“But it was a bit counter-productive, considering all five speed networking sessions were matched to my own self. I spent a half hour switching chairs and talking to myself!” exclaimed diMuccio.

Speed networking organizer, Howard Neu, explained that the isolated incident was due to a software glitch.

“The iPhone app that matches the attendees to others is using a series of criteria unique to that particular participant,” said Howard Neu. “Somehow, this person’s detailed profile and preferences returned no matches other than himself, so the app created ‘clones’ that he’d interview with. We regret the error!” exclaimed Howard.

TRAFFIC organizers are currently preparing for the big party event, sponsored by Mike Mann and his entourage of four female bodyguards.

A limo capable of transporting 18 guests at a time will go back and forth between the hotel and the Crusty Crab nightclub. A mysterious performer is scheduled to appear at tonight’s party; some rumors say it will be Lady Gaga.

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One Response to “TRAFFIC Speed Networker matched with his own self”
  1. Anunt says:

    I bought a shirt from Vegas that says, “My imaginary friend thinks you have mental problems”

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