Travis Gobeil : The man behind the iconic #Uniregistry logo

Travis Gobeil is a Canadian designer who has served several Ottawa start-ups and creative agencies. As an independent contractor, he’s the man behind the iconic Uniregistry logo and overall brand direction.

To deliver the final design, Travis went through the challenges of working with a high profile client, such as Frank Schilling‘s Uniregistry. There was already a design in place, that presented everything a logo and brand should not be!

The old Uniregistry logo

Travis produced an initial series of designs that encompassed the abstraction elements Frank Schilling was seeking: a U shape, a key for security, using clean colors & typography.

One of the original concept designs by Travis Gobeil

Frank Schilling’s encouraging feedback led to Travis flying down to the Caymans, and the final product was delivered after making further changes to simplify the logogram: a series of 13 mathematically calculated lines forming the Uniregistry “U.”

You can read all about the Uniregistry logo at Travis Gebeil’s case study.

The Uniregistry logo didn’t always look like this

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  1. BullS says:

    A Canadian helping another Canadian. ..
    Makes sense.
    They could have hired you.

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