UDRPsearch.com is now a Tom Cruise shrine!

UDRPsearch.com is a very useful search engine indexing the results of UDRP decisions.

In recent days, its owners have transformed this indispensable domain tool into a shrine for actor Tom Cruise.

Various videos from the movies Mission Impossible and Vanilla Sky are linked to onto UDRPsearch, along with unsavory references to IP attorney David Weslow.

The domain itself forwards to DavidWeslowCheater.com with a titled “Truth is not for sale.”

It surely looks like a very strange way to settle any personal differences – UDRPsearch is now out of commission and it’s not the first time.

Until it comes back, there is DNDisputes.com for all of your UDRP research needs.

UDRPsearch.com right now

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