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#UDRP metasearch database falls into the virtual point

UDRPSearch.com, a popular metasearcher aggregating UDRP cases from various sources, has gone bonkers. Instead of displaying a searchable index of current and past cases, UDRPSearch now forwards to the domain VirtualPoint.com and displays an image, as below: Whether this is a temporary glitch, or an ominous indication that the service has been discontinued, we don’t […]

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UDRPsearch : UDRP meta-search engine is back online

The UDRP meta-search engine, UDRPSearch, is back online, after several days of displaying unrelated information. On May 31st, UDRPsearch.com began displaying the details of a legal dispute. The domain began forwarding to ravi.lahoti.com, that still displays the lawsuit’s particulars. Ravi Lahoti, the defendant in the lawsuit, is the brother of UDRPSearch.com owner David Lahoti. For […]

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