UFOs.com : Registrant’s demise sends expired #domain to takeoff

UFOs.com is a premium, aged domain closely linked to UFOs. Registered in 1996, it’s currently in an auction at GoDaddy, with a $9,100 price tag.

Anyone can place a bid on this domain, whose registrant passed away recently.

Harry Josephi DeLigter passed away in November 2020 at the age of 73. His friends and family left beautiful eulogies in his memory.

He was the president and CEO of Lightworks Audio and Video, Inc. and kept the domain and web site at UFOs.com going for many years.

Many domain names expire and drop once their registrant passes away. It’s unfortunate that the family of Mr. DeLigter will probably be deprived of this domain auction’s proceeds.

Story kudos: Jamie Zoch.


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