Uniregistry App : Now with extra protection!


The Uniregistry App can be used to manage your domain portfolio at Uniregistry, along with those for sale at the Uniregistry Market.

The convenience of having just one app for both functions remains unsurpassed.

Android users will be pleased to know that version 2.4.0 of the Uniregistry App introduces yet another security feature: fingerprint access.

If your phone has a fingerprint reader, you can now use this method to log into the app.

Just how crazily convenient is that? 😀

The full list of updates included in the latest Uniregistry App release follows:

Small update today folks.
• If you’re lucky enough to have a fingerprint sensor on your device, you can now use it to login, no more pesky password.
• We’ve updated the login/signup UI, now with 12% more hot sauce.
• Squashed a few bugs with profile images and a super rare crash when dealing with market domains.
More goodness to follow in the coming weeks.
Much love, Uniregistry.
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