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Uniregistry Mail : Email to mail service launches


Uniregistry Mail – Print your letters!

Domain entrepreneur, Frank Schilling, announced the launch of a brand new Uniregistry service, catering to domainers still using the mail.

Uniregistry Mail is targeting the 40+ year old range of domain investors that lived and experienced the joys of non-electronic correspondence.

“As a teenager, when I lived in Canada, I corresponded with a blonde farm girl from Kentucky and learned about life in rural America. Writing letters is a forgotten art, and Uniregistry Mail will change that,” said Frank Schilling.

The way Uniregistry Mail works is very simple.

Domain investors that use Uniregistry as their main domain registrar can assign up to 3 email addresses as email to mail gateways.

They can then compose an email and include the recipient’s mailing address; Uniregistry Mail will then print out the letter – up to 5 A4 pages – and mail it out to its destination for free.

“We’re bringing back the joy of receiving and opening real letters, that aren’t bills or spam, and expect to expand the service internationally,” said Frank Schilling.

“It’s a great combination of typing up letters and sending them via email, but your loved one will get a print-out,” added Schilling, visibly excited.

Uniregistry Mail users can send up to 10 letters per month for free; the service is coordinated with the United States Postal Service.

For more information, visit Uniregistry.com.

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