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Uniregistry UniPoke™ to assist with reviving domain transactions


Uniregistry rolls out UniPoke™.

Waiting on a domain seller or buyer to move a limb isn’t fun, and Uniregistry introduces UniPoke to assist with domain transactions.

“Rolling out exciting new features for our Uniregistry Market is a commitment to the entire domain marketplace, and beyond,” said Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling.

“Let’s be honest here, everyone wants to close deals ‘yesterday’ and most domain investors have an inventory to last three lifetimes – so we will get things rolling for you in a fun way!” exclaimed Schilling.

UniPoke allows either party, the buyer or the seller, to issue a “ping” command across all of the registered devices of the other party.

The UniPoke command wakes up a special subroutine of the iOS system (Android version to follow) and sends a multi-colored flashing card on the screen of the party that is being notified, along with an alarm sound of increasing volume.

“Our goal is to get the job done for you, we’ve been testing UniPoke internally and it’s a huge hit among our brokers,” said Frank Schilling, adding: “With UniPoke you’ll get a sale, and have fun poking whoever isn’t doing their job fast enough!”

According to data provided by Uniregistry, UniPoke appears to be a better choice for its brokers than the presumptuous “Are you on vacation?” and the rather grim “Did my emails get buried?” statements popular with domain brokers.

For more information, visit Uniregistry.com.

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