Universal 2FA code: Bargain registrar saves you time and sanity

Two factor authentication (2FA) numbers are a pain in the ass for many domain investors that log in and out of their portfolio accounts at registrars, many times a day.

It quickly becomes cumbersome to request, receive, and provide a six digit number, apparently. But no worries: a bargain domain registrar is here to fix this annoying issue, once and for all.

“Our company is here to protect your sanity while offering good enough security,” says Brad G. founder, CEO, and sole support staff of Wholesum Domains.

“With us you’ll be using the same 2FA code every time, which is way cooler than logging into an Auth App, scrolling down to one of many entries, then clicking on “Click to reveal PIN”, then back to the account to type that in and making a mistake!” exclaimed Brad G., pointing to what he calls the “universal 2FA code.”

At Wholesum Domains, the 2FA code is always the same: 1234. Producing the same 2FA code every time and memorizing it saves you time and sanity, so perhaps you should consider these folks if you are lazy and stupid.

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