Vatican grants dot .Catholic management rights to the ICM Registry will be daring, yet truthful.

The Vatican is becoming more progressive under Pope Francis.

PRNowireThe Holy See – Monday, December 30th, 2013 – The Vatican has announced the management, for a period of 12 years, of the dot .Catholic gTLD by the ICM Registry.

Florida-based ICM Registry is a major player in the adult domain namespace, having launched dot .XXX in 2011. Now, the Vatican, under the eulogy of progressive Pope Francis, is entrusting the management of dot .Catholic to the ICM Registry.

“We could not be more excited, humbled or honored, by the Vatican’s choice,” said the ICM Registry CEO, Stuart Lawley.

“In a world of hate, bigotry, violence and animosity, Pope Francis represents a fresh breath of love and understanding, particularly with his progressive views on human sexuality,” added Lawley.

The dot .Catholic management, allocated for a period of 12 years, will include front-end promotion on the niche market of adult content that the ICM Registry taps into; as much as back-end provision of domain controlling.

“At ICM Registry we are in full support of the Catholic faith; in fact, most adult performers in our industry declare themselves Catholic,” said Stuart Lawley, reading a letter from the Vatican. “This is truly an integration of two major industries, religion and pornography – the best is yet to come!” exclaimed Lawley.

The first dot .Catholic domain names are expected to be launched in early 2014, each one blessed individually, by Pope Francis.

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