VJL.com : Former Worldwide Media asset sends LLL .com prices lower

LLL .com domains.

The average price of LLL .com domains sustained another hit on July 4th, when VJL.com, a domain formerly owned by Mike Berkens of Worldwide Media, sold for only $14,000 dollars.

VJL.com was auctioned off at NameJet, and it’s part of the large portfolio sale by Worldwide Media to GoDaddy and its NameFind subsidiary.

It’s not clear if GoDaddy auctioned off the domain, or if a subsequent buyer of the asset did.

LLL .com prices have been dipping, another indication that the “coinage” of choice among domain investors is shifting to cryptocurrencies.

The price spread between premium letters and “random” letters is becoming wider, with “Chinese premiums” losing 60% of their 2015-2016 price range.

We identified and pointed out this trend as early as in May; if it continues past the end of summer, it’d be time to re-evaluate domain name investments in the LLL .com namespace.

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3 Responses to “VJL.com : Former Worldwide Media asset sends LLL .com prices lower”
  1. Martin says:

    It will pick back up, good times to buy LLL if you have the money.

  2. graham haynes says:

    The world of short domains is falling in and those letters XYZ are now back to junk-rated. Cryptocurrencies safe bet at this stage?????????

  3. I might have scooped it if it had been my initials…VLJ!

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