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Want some fried cheese with your rum cakes?

FriedCheese.com is owned by Frank Schilling. Yummy!

Fried cheese is the best thing in the world, unless of course one is lactose-intolerant. Desiring fried cheese on a Sunday isn’t rare, so today I just had to have some.

Naturally, domainers turn every thought and desire into a domain, preferably .com.

Lo and behold, FriedCheese.com was entered in Firefox; instantly, the landing page looked very familiar.

Running a WHOIS via DomainTools the top tool for the job – the unthinkable happened: FriedCheese.com is owned by Frank Schilling.

As is PotatoSalad.com which goes nicely with fried cheese.

Then I remembered how Frankie owns many more food domains, and I just had to give up on my culinary research for the day. Good job, Frank!

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2 Responses to “Want some fried cheese with your rum cakes?”
  1. BullS says:

    There is one that he does not own but he can only wish he had…

    myCookingSucks dot com

  2. rathead says:

    friedrumcheesecake is still available in all extensions. and i have a godaddy coupon code to register the dotcom for 99 cents. now all i need is a dollar bill.

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