What the…? Mozilla backpedals on Thunderbird support

Mozilla: Thunderbird is go!

Despite what was announced just three days ago, Mozilla has now gone the opposite direction, and state that Thunderbird – Mozilla’s popular email client – will continue to be supported.

Jb Piacentino, the managing Director of Thunderbird, said the following today:

“No, Thunderbird is not dead. We have announced a change in the way we develop new features for Thunderbird. Nothing will change for individual and enterprise users: Mozilla will continue to support and maintain Thunderbird. To be more specific, Mozilla will no longer focus on developing innovations for Thunderbird but will keep it safe and stable. Mozilla will also provide all the infrastructure required for new, community-developed features to be integrated in upcoming Thunderbird releases.”

This is great news and it’s now clear that there will be a Thunderbird 14.x and so forth. Still, it’s confusing seeing Mozilla making a 180 degree turn on the subject.

You can read about the update here.

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