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Who stole my life : Swindling a friend out of a domain name is just not cool

Friends don't steal a friend's domain.

Friends don’t steal a friend’s domain.

How do you gauge the worth of a friendship?

By testing whether your friend can keep a secret, or a plan that you shared details of.

Domainers have some great ideas, and industry entrepreneurs often hint about upcoming projects to their closest friends.

Sometimes, that type of friendship is unveiled as non-existent, and walls come tumbling down.

A few weeks ago, we covered the registration of the domain WhoStoleMyDomain.com by Ms. Cheryl Tylenda, a paralegal.

The domain has an interesting story, and Ms. Tylenda recently shared it with us:

“I purchased “whostolemydomain.com” because a friend of mine swindled me out of an idea I had on my lunch break at work.

I couldn’t purchase “whostolemylife.com” quick enough before he bought it for me, promising to transfer it.

I was going to use for blogging about my life…the one I never expected to have! 

I wanted the happy family, but instead was divorced with kids working full-time; living a rat race to make it by the skin of my teeth.

So-called friend promised to not auto renew several years.

I tried to scoop it up each time, but he kept auto renewing.

The next time I look, he has it listed in auctions for $1350! He was still the registered domain owner.

I called him.

He denied it!

It sold for asking price.

My blog idea crashed and burned on this single-mom’s budget! A great idea, great domain name, all gone.

A so-called friend, makes a buck!

I decide to purchase “whostolemylife.net,” to preserve my idea and run along the .com site to give them competition and me more hits.

I have yet to start my blogging.

I also was so mad, I purchased “whostolemydomain.com” because I know who did! I have no immediate plans for the domain/site.”

There are many “fair weather friends” in every aspect of life, domain related ventures included.

Be smart, pro-active and safe, by not sharing details with others that would compromise your dream project’s chances to materialize.

Or they might steal your idea, your domain, and your life.

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One Response to “Who stole my life : Swindling a friend out of a domain name is just not cool”
  1. Cheryl says:

    You guys rock! Thanks for sharing my story!! I am going to get to my humorous blog about my ‘stolen life’ sometime soon! When I do, I’ll let you know it’s ready! I’m going to turn this story around on my own terms!

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