WikiLeaks operator owns Premium 2-Letter domain!

Julian Assange, the Australian-born operator of scandal-hounding web site WikiLeaks might be behind bars, but his legacy continues.

Having released thousands of secret memos and cables that embarrass the governments of several major countries, including the US, Julian Assange is currently battling sex-abuse charges in the UK.

It seems, however, that the WikiLeaks owner also owns a quality 2-Letter domain, which he used in the past as a blog. capture of the WHOIS data from 2001

According to DomainTools, Julian Assange owns the domain name since at least 2001 – remnants of his ramblings can be found using the Wayback Machine at and examining the year 2007.

This premium 2-letter .org domain does not serve any content currently, although it does resolve. Currently, the WHOIS information is shielded.

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15 Responses to “WikiLeaks operator owns Premium 2-Letter domain!”
  1. Gnanes says:

    Nice find. He might be looking for the right buyer to fund WikiLeaks

  2. Cole says:

    Great find! Personally, I think that IQ fits the .org extension better than .net. Would fetch a handsome little sum in auction.

    Whatever you do don’t go to – too much purple!

  3. newbie says:

    the link to wikileaks supposed to be .ORG not .com as you posted.

  4. Damir says:

    Good on Julian.

    I hope the truth prevails and he is set FREE – Julian should run for the Priminister of Australia so we Australians can get rid of the Liberal and Labor thugs and restore the true HONEST Australia.

    This fascist Labor and Liberals should be blacklisted as Terrorist parties since all they do is lie and install fear upon the Australian Nation.

  5. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Newbie – Link fixed, thank you. By the way, do you believe someone registered ? 😀

  6. fizz says:

    Lucius you’ve got .com on your brain as it’s never been but and now apparently

  7. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    fizz – Indeed, the common cold I’ve been battling apparently caused a brain leak 😀

  8. jayjay says: one of these myself, I didn’t know he was in jail though (probably from his hacking years) heheh, I did have the pleasure of meeting him at uni years ago but back then you don’t have a time machine that tells you “hay see that dude over at the cafeteria – he’s going to be famous – infamous and probably create a worldwide stir, become a nobel laureate and pulitzer prize winner some day!”

  9. DTalk says:

    I like this Assange bloke….a true original….Owns That figures… 🙂

    Thus far, the leaks have served to embarrass, not endanger….USA reaction to him (‘Terrorist’!, ‘Execute’ him! etc etc) is a gross over-reaction, imo…..Childish…Blame their own diplomats, or politicians, for the embarrassing things they said – NOT the messenger who simply reports them!!

    …And, WHY does the USA not accuse The New York Times, The Guardian, and Der Spiegal of ‘Terrorism? And call for the execution of their owners/editors?….They are all publishing exactly the same leaks as WikiLeaks!! But, no….silence about them…..Only the little guy is being hounded. Julian Lassange is brighter than all those politicians he’s embarrassing so much…lol

  10. He really deserved for that. He has that iq to reveal realistic things. WikiLeaks rocks.

  11. fyi, i was advised to avoid as someone reported getting a virus from that site. I wonder how many offers Julian will be getting on that domain, also, gotta love VickyLicks 🙂

  12. .pH says:

    Si, I understand he is trying to purchase

  13. Does he still own it? For all we know he let it expire in 2003.

  14. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Domain Report – According to two facts, the 2007 era blog posts (see and the current WHOIS showing his initials (J.A.) he does own it.

  15. Nr1 Host says:

    I wouldnt go talking about this too much. He didnt make it J.A. without a reason.

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