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#Wikipedia deleted the #Domain King’s page on Christmas eve!

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Wikipedia has deleted Rick Schwartz’s page, and did so on Christmas eve.

The now extinct page, received a series of updates in recent months, indicating that a strict set of rules was at play.

Rick’s function as an American domain investor, was changed to “speculator”.

Despite the subsequent addition of factual content about Rick Schwartz’s history and proven accomplishments as a domain investor and industry conference organizer, someone undid those contributions en masse.

For some reason, they did not stop there.

On December 24th, at 11:53pm, the Domain King’s Wikipedia page was deleted by user Spartaz, following a discussion about the page’s deletion that started on December 16th, with the following claim:

“promotional article by undeclared paid editor on domain name speculator. No evidence of notability — the refs are pr and notices”

Another contributor to the debate, added the following statement:

“Weak Delete – It might be possible to write a non-promotional article, but everything except the opening sentence in the current version is promotional and would need to be replaced.”

Deletion of an article doesn’t mean that a page cannot be recreated, but the rules about who creates that content, along with the resources provided, must meet certain Wikipedia standards.

In recent months, Wikipedia has been running a fund-raising campaign to provide money to its cause, as all of its content is created and maintained by volunteers and displays no ads.

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