Will Hank Alvarez appear ‘incognito’ at TRAFFIC Milan?

Ever since the news of Hank Alvarez and his auction trickery broke back in November, the former VP of Operations at Snapnames (sometimes known as Nelson Brady) has been nowhere to be seen.

It seems that in the domaining universe things are forgiven and forgotten quite easily.

There are rumors, however,  that Hank Alvarez will appear – albeit, incognito – at TRAFFIC Milan which opens its welcoming gates to domainers in less than three weeks.

Here’s the reasoning behind this alleged, secretive appearance:

  • Hank Alvarez is essentially not charged with any crime, ever since the class action lawsuit was dismissed by the judge.
  • Milan is in Italy, where the Mafia still controls a large portion of business. What a better place to be introduced back to the domain industry?
  • Hank Alvarez was once married to Maria DiFranceze, a great-niece of Don Corleone, so Hank has connections in Italy. Once part of the famiglia, only death can undo the bonds.
  • Hank Alvarez loves pizza. His favorite is “stuffed” with onions and seafood – just like stuffing auction prices was his favorite practice at Snapnames.
  • TRAFFIC Milan tickets are affordable. The euro is down and Hank doesn’t have much money now that his Snapnames money-making machine is gone.
  • To a lot of Europeans, Hank Alvarez represents the epitome of American Ingenuity and Entrepreneurship. Essentially, he’s a domain hero.

Stay tuned as we uncover more details of this upcoming European Vacation of Hank’s – incognito, of course.

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