World Finance: .CO Internet take on industry titans .com

World Finance: .CO takes on .COM

World Finance – the online publication focusing on worldwide financial matters of interest – just published a new article titled ” .CO Internet take on industry titans .com

Lori Ann Wardi, .CO Internet Vice President, explains why .CO is able to challenge .com in the game of successful branding and particularly its ability to achieve a global appeal:

“The appeal of .CO is clearly a global phenomenon, with registrations in more than 200 countries worldwide. While North America is the number-one hotspot for .CO, accounting for just over 50 percent of registrations, Europe comes in second place, with the UK alone accounting for about 12 percent of all .CO registrations.[…] Many companies have built their online presence on country or region specific domain names that help them to define a presence in their own country or region – but actually inhibit them from expanding worldwide.”

The article further discusses the benefits of running a business utilizing the .CO TLD and wraps it up with statement about expected competition from the upcoming gTLDs:

The swarm of new domain extensions that are expected to launch in the next couple of years does not worry .CO Internet. In fact, the company believes that it will only help consumers to see that there is life beyond .com – and that the landscape of the Internet is changing for the better. About the increased competition, Wardi says – as only an entrepreneur would – “bring it on.”

You can read the full article here.


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