WorldWide Media sells 70,000 domain names to GoDaddy, including,

Michael Berkens of WorldWide Media, Inc.

Michael Berkens of WorldWide Media, Inc.

What a grand exodus for Worldwide Media, Inc., the domain portfolio holding company of domain investor, Michael Berkens.

According to a press release, GoDaddy has acquired 70,000 domains of the Worldwide Media portfolio.

Domains include,,; also sold in this package are small businesses such as, and

GoDaddy senior VP Mike McLaughlin, stated:

“Our plan is to make these names accessible to small businesses. Worldwide Media, Inc.’s founder Michael Berkens has assembled an incredible portfolio of names and has been such an integral part of the domain name aftermarket for so many years.”

Congratulations to Michael Berkens and GoDaddy for this mutually beneficial domain exhcnage!

For the full press release, click here.

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