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XYZ domains : Registry scheduled downtime has been completed

Faulty .XYZ microcode, causing gTLD bending issues.

.XYZ domain microcode, magnified 2 million times.

The XYZ Registry successfully completed its scheduled downtime today, to maintain the freshness and validity of its .XYZ domain inventory.

“At exactly 7:30am Pacific time, I pressed the big red reboot button we have here at XYZ, and every domain was power-cycled to ensure its microcode stays up to par,” said XYZ Registry founder and CEO, Daniel Negari.

“At XYZ, we are proud of our domains, no domain is insignificant, and we’ll take good care of you, rest assured,” said Negari, blowing the shofar in tandem.

Refreshing one’s domain inventory is a practice that very few domain Registries enforce; according to Blue Cloak Research, more than 3.5 billion .COM domains managed by Verisign are in danger of becoming stale or obsolete by 2022, which might lead to delays in pushes between accounts and other important functions.

With more than 1.5 million .XYZ domain names in the zonefile, XYZ is the biggest gTLD in the world in pure numbers. About 71% of all XYZ domains are parked, according to nTLDstats.

Almost 30% of all .XYZ domains are registered at Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd. making the XYZ Registry the biggest American exporter to China, superseding Apple.

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  1. Good one from Mr Negari and the entire .XYZ crew. I think this should be emulated.

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