XYZ gTLD : At its lowest domain numbers point in 19 months

Following a recent massive drop in XYZ domain registrations, the .XYZ gTLD is back to its mid-February 2016 numbers.

That’s 19 months ago, right after a series of small but consistent upward climbs, and before the June 2016 “penny promo” that triggered the registration of 3 million .XYZ domains.

Registrations are lower than what the massive promotion delivered, with 2,519,938 domains in the zone file. On February 16th, 2016, the total was 2,522,353 domains and climbing.

With another 198,000 domains in “drop mode,” the number of XYZ registrations is about to fall further lower.

This type of trend indicates that conversion rates of the penny promo stunt were practically zero, if not negative.

In case domain investors have forgotten how it all started, here’s a video with Rick Schwartz from a now deleted Domain Sherpa show:

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