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XYZ Registry : Negari makes offer to buy Google for $5.7 trillion dollars


XYZ CEO, Daniel Negari, delivering his open offer to Google.

XYZ Registry founder and CEO, Daniel Negari, made an unsolicited offer to buy Google.com today, sending the NYSE to an abrupt spike during its closing minutes.

Negari’s “open offer” consisted of a massive $5.7 trillion dollars, with funds gathered from recent sales of .XYZ domains in Asia.

“We are young, fresh entrepreneurs that will rule the world, and you need us on your side, Google!” exclaimed Negari.

“Our offer to buy out Google, is good until April 1st, 7PM Pacific, and you have a great opportunity to become part of the Internet’s future. Never give up, never surrender!” added Negari, raising his fist in the air in triumph.

Why would the XYZ Registry pay such an astronomical amount of money to buy an Internet monolith such as Google?

Good question, and one that only Daniel Negari would be able to answer.

Our speculation: Negari has already a large stake in Google with the Alphabet.XYZ integration, and desires to get a chair on the Alphabet Board of Directors.

That, would be a good guess.

By offering $5.7 trillion dollars, the XYZ Registry would also eliminate its arch-rival, Verisign, from the picture. It’s a cunning plan that might work, if all is according to our speculations.

We will wait to hear what else Negari plans to buy. Microsoft? Yahoo? NamePros?

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2 Responses to “XYZ Registry : Negari makes offer to buy Google for $5.7 trillion dollars”
  1. CA says:

    My favourite are abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw.xyz
    & abcdefghij.xyz
    But abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw.xyz is still not available for registration
    Is has a registration price of $55000 plus on domain dot com

  2. DomainGang says:

    CA – What about GFY, that’s a great com. 😀

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