.XYZ to celebrate decade in existence with 1/2 penny special!

The world’s most controversial gTLD, .XYZ celebrates its 10th anniversary on June 2nd.

Introduced on June 2, 2014 by XYZ.COM LLC it quickly gained popularity, partly due to its broad applicability and the promotion by various tech companies and startups. XYZ.COM LLC is a registry operator founded by domain investor and entrepreneur, Daniel Negari.

To celebrate a decade of fun operating .XYZ, Daniel Negari announced the first 1/2 penny special!

“We are going to do better than our first penny special so now you can register 2 .XYZ domains for a penny!” exclaimed Daniel Negari.

“If you want to be a successful domain investor, take advantage of this deal and register as many .XYZ domains as you can, tell your mom and uncle to spend at least $100 or more and double your investment in no time!” added Negari, smiling.

Indeed, the .XYZ penny special was a moment showcasing Negari’s business genius, leading to a jump in registrations of .XYZ domain names.

It goes without saying that offering 2 domains for a penny will finally convince every domain investor to register at least 2 .XYZ domains! 🙂

Currently, there are 3.895 million .XYZ domains, an almost 50% drop from its peak of 6.628 million domains reached on September 20, 2016 (source: ntldstats.)

How many .XYZ domains do you plan to register?

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