YouTube rolls out spanking new logo, new layout

New YouTube logo.

YouTube unveiled its new layout today, and for the first time, a redesigned logo.

The focus is now on the “play button” and “YouTube” is rendered in a new, more compact font.

The updated YouTube logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and icon, creating a more flexible design that works better across a variety of devices, even on the smallest screens.

When YouTube launched in 2005, it was a single website that supported one video format, 320×240 at 4:3 aspect ratio.

Today, YouTube allows viewers to watch any combination of SD, HD, 4K, 360, 3-D, and live video on nearly every device with an Internet connection; from desktops to phones, tablets to TVs, game consoles, and even VR headsets.

More information about the changes, can be viewed at the official YouTube blog.

You can also watch the first video ever on YouTube below, uploaded on April 23, 2005 by one of the original founders of YouTube.

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One Response to “YouTube rolls out spanking new logo, new layout”
  1. Jeff Manes says:

    If the new layout erases all the trolls’ comments on my duck videos there’s going to war.

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