Zezura to the rescue: Wife takes over ChefPatrick.com

When Chef Patrick was hired by Oversee to take over their social media kitchen, we all wholeheartedly wished him good luck.

Already in South Florida, the Chefster is busy mixing the spices and getting his arms deep into the Oversee mayo – all while his blog sighs and sniffles in a corner, feeling all left out and lonely.

Indeed, when you don’t post, they don’t come.

But don’t despair just yet, the Chef has a quick solution at hand as his lovely wife, Zezura, will now take over blogging at ChefPatrick.com

“I talked to Patrick and we thought there’s a consensus: There is nothing a man does, that a woman can’t do. Even pee standing up!”, says Zezura with a giggle.

Zezura will soon start daily blogging about domains and how to raise your PPC. As a mother of two, she’s aware of the effort it takes to raise something over the years, to cherish it and watch it grow.

“Whatever. People say I can’t cook, but what matters is quality content about my sponsors and Zezura will do a great job at that, she’s already an accomplished blogger”, said Chef Patrick during his 30 minute lunch break at the Oversee HQ in South Florida.

If there is something the Chef misses, is being able to wake up a little after 12 noon in order to start his healthy lifestyle. But who cares, when the fat check coming in from the mother company of Moniker and Snapnames hits the Chef’s bank account twice a month!

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8 Responses to “Zezura to the rescue: Wife takes over ChefPatrick.com”
  1. Chef Patrick says:

    LMAO…my wife made the domain blogosphere. Too cute!

  2. Stephan says:

    LOL dude your cracking me up! But that’d be a kewl change for the Chef.

  3. tricolorro says:

    “Zezura to the rescue: Wife takes over ChefPatrick.com”

    Well it won’t really be as effective unless she regges ChefZezura.com
    which is available at the moment.

    From WhoIs.com:
    chefzezura.com is available

  4. Zezura says:

    ROFL…nothing is sacred, is it? LOL

    For the record…have you seen the models he’s had in the videos???…if I wore a dress like the one in your post picture I’d save him the trouble and divorce myself!!! LOL 😉

  5. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Sorry Zezura about the pic – it was the only cooking picture I could find that had no publishing rights 😀

  6. Attila says:

    Well, how chef Patrick brought in hot models on the show, lets hope the wife doesn’t do the opposite and bring in model dudes on the show…the show might tank if that happens. Though girl on girl action might bring rankings through the ROOF!

  7. tricolorro says:

    I have some extra blue body paint if it’s needed. 🙂

  8. stewart says:


    Thats a photo of the tea bagger convention on the Mall in DC of a few weeks ago shown on Faux news !
    Shame on DG for attemtpting to pull off yet another flim flam !

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