ZFBot rolls out paid service with quality domain drop-lists

ZFBot app on iTunes.

ZFBot, the domain search tool tracking hundreds of millions of domain names, has switched to paid status after a decade of offering it for free.

Subscriptions cost $4.99 dollars per month, or $49.99 dollars when pre-paid for an entire year – a fair price for active domain research without any limitations.

Ken Greenwood, the chief developer behind ZFBot, told us that response has been positive.

“Along with the search of millions of domains across all TLDs and gTLDs, we now offer quality drop lists, and lists of quality domains on auction,” said Ken Greenwood.

“Instead of weeding through tens of thousands of worthless domains for the valuable ones, use these lists to immediately bring the profit to the surface,” added Greenwood.

What are the criteria to form those daily domain lists?

  • Are a .com extension.
  • Are aged more than 5 years old.
  • Are shorter than 15 characters.
  • Contain no numbers or dashes.
  • Must start and end with a dictionary word or at least 3 letters in length.
  • Must have at least 5 matching domains that are currently registered. Match check is on both exact match and “begins with” match.

You can view and download sample lists of these high quality domains daily – here is a sample.

Supporting a pioneering domain industry tool is always a good idea. 🙂

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