Domainer Comics : ICANN and the “Cheese Sandwich” incident

Launching a new, fun column today, called “Domainer Comics.” 😀

By utilizing a humorous angle to current events, we’ll attempt to bring a smile to your face with “funnies” that are drawn old school: by hand.

Hopefully the series will maintain its momentum, but for now we’re promising at least two per week.

Today’s pilot issue of Domainer Comics is serious in nature: ICANN and the “Cheese Sandwich” incident.

If you don’t know what it is about, head over to DomainIncite for extensive coverage.

ICANN and the "Cheese sandwich" incident.

ICANN and the “Cheese sandwich” incident.

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One Response to “Domainer Comics : ICANN and the “Cheese Sandwich” incident”
  1. StickTooL says:

    I made my butler laugh

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