Editorial : A fun revisit to the embargoed #news practices

Welcome to the DomainGang Editorial for March 2018.

A press release about the acquisition of Domaining Europe by NamesCon was embargoed until 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern.)

Two fellow publications shared the news already, because the embargo was lifted early by NamesCon. We were not copied on that update, however, and it’s understandable that mistakes do happen. That’s why such news is best saved for Mondays, as opposed to Friday afternoons.

On Fridays, people want to go have a “happy hour” of drinks and snacks. They don’t really care about mergers, acquisitions, layoffs or hires.

That being said, the acquisition of Domaining Europe by NamesCon is good news for the domain industry; NamesCon has streamlined the domain conference model quite successfully. Congratulations to everyone involved, and to Dietmar Stefitz in particular, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, and will be technically retiring.

Do read the details about it all at Elliot Silver’s DomainInvesting, and at Ron Jackson’s DNJournal.

And now, about the future.

Breaking our own policy on embargoed news – that cannot be shared before a specific deadline – isn’t easy. We bend the rules on occasion, to accommodate the needs of the companies or individuals involved. Sometimes, these announcements are made to coincide with industry events, conferences or financial reports.

With all that in mind, we’ll revert to maintaining a strict position on embargoed news in the future: there will be no exceptions – any news disclosed via email or otherwise, WILL be published at our discretion.

As a fun revisit to the embargoed news practices, check this out.

Embargoed news. Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash.

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