If Rick Schwartz held TRAFFIC Right Now …

By everyone’s admission, TRAFFIC South Beach was a memorable domainer event.

Despite the lack of such colorful happenings as the Playboy Mansion and thus, an avoiding of the domainer flu disaster that followed the DomainFest event, TRAFFIC is known for delivering quality conferences for domain entrepreneurs.

TRAFFIC – the brainchild of Rick Schwartz – was managed by Rick Latona during last year and now it’s back in the hands of the Domain King.

Admittedly, Don King was not the most lucid keynote speaker to appear at a TRAFFIC conference. However, he is a persona that attracted controversial commentary from those that attended the conference. Any type of publicity is good.

What if Rick Schwartz held TRAFFIC right now?

The Ft. Lauderdale TRAFFIC event, currently scheduled for October, would benefit from a keynote speaker with several strong elements:

  • Globally acclaimed personality
  • Success driven
  • Controversial
  • Smart and outspoken
  • Full of tigerblood

Rick Schwartz would totally reign the public waves if he held TRAFFIC right now, with no other than Charlie Sheen as the conference keynote speaker. I watched Charlie’s nicotine-laden speech yesterday, he is an speaker unlike no other and is able to capitalize on his current and past notoriety.

So perhaps Rick and Charlie should get together on the phone pretty soon and arrange for a memorable TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale. It’d be the conference of the decade.

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