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This brilliant company is disrupting the $200 billion #domain industry

The domain industry, disrupted.

There are times when we should all look back at the domain industry’s growth in sheer awe.

From the early beginnings of domain investing, to the daily multi-million dollar sales gracing the lists of DNJournal and NameBio, domainers are living in an extraordinary era.

And now, a brilliant company is disrupting the $200 billion dollar a year domain industry, shifting the proverbial paradigm and setting new records every step of the way.

Oh, wait.

There is no such company, as the domain industry’s head honchos, all the way to the lower echelons of the domainer pyramid, are busy bickering among themselves.

There is money to be made, but it isn’t in flipping domains for 1% of a LiteCoin. For as long as the small village mentality continues to govern our minds, there will be no disruption of the aged, tyrannical, rusty procedures that reek of the AOL days.

To disrupt, you need to innovate.

To shift the paradigm, you need to create a new one. Sticking to doing what you know, produces exactly what you’ve seen before, and that’s not called progress, it’s the epitome of stagnation.

Looking forward to 2018 with an open mind and the ability to step outside of the box, should be the driving force behind every concept that might be implemented in every industry, domaining included.

Shift the blocks and create something new. Move into uncharted territory, for it’s the smart thing to do. Quit listening to voices that warn you – forbid you, even – against defining and regulating your own desires and directions.

Disrupt the road ahead, by being disruptive yourself. Change your own flow, and the river will follow.

See you next year, with a new editorial.

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