10 Reasons why we like Frager Factor

The Frager Factor is about domains and controversial financials.

Owen Frager is a well-known domainer personality in the domain blogging community; his ability to reprocess old news from 1998 and serve it with quotations from Frank Schilling or Rick Schwartz is legendary.

Here are the DomainGang top 10 reasons why we like Owen Frager:

  1. Owen Frager is a writing machine. On a daily basis, he occupies between 10% to 20% of the Domaining.com RSS feed.
  2. FragerFactor.com is a blog that is blocked by several daily readers of the Domaining.com RSS feed – second only to DomainGang!
  3. Owen’s preferred writing hours are between 11pm and 2am. From one night owl to another, that’s a definite plus and an indication of a creative person.
  4. FragerFactor.com uses sensationalist headlines effectively. Unlike some others, Owen Frager can spell and articulate his thoughts rather well.
  5. Owen Frager knows his numbers. His analysis of facts, figures and finances is exceptional; he often provides charts as well.
  6. The Frager Factor reminds us of The O’Reilly Factor, a controversial show of Bill O’Reilly. Owen is younger and more liked than Bill.
  7. Owen Frager tells it like it is: he has spanked the infamous “domain mass developer” several times, often doing some deep investigation.
  8. FragerFactor.com is old school: using the Blogger platform, Owen is right where Google grabs its juice: its very own blogging platform. Simply ingenious.
  9. Owen Frager has a brand new mugshot on the RSS feed of Domaining.com – much more candid than that of Elliot Silver’s in that suit.
  10. FragerFactor.com is on the rebound from some deep traffic loss according to Alexa ratings; which means that Owen Frager will be writing about some truly controversial subjects for the weeks to come!
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