Car sales : The life and passion of a #domain investor from #Norway

Stian Eng Holtet is a long term domain investor from Norway, whose remarkable career course was mentioned on Norwegian media.

The computer engineer and self-professed “computer nerd” makes a healthy profit every year, selling not domain names, but cars!

We reached out to Stian in order to seek the translation of the article that covered his business and passion, so here’s what he sent us:

Stian Holtet – Domain investor, computer engineer, car salesman, husband and father.

Article title: Computer nerd runs the most hidden car dealership in the city of Drøbak.

Stian Holtet runs a car dealership in Drøbak and hardly any locals know where it’s located. That’s because Stian sells cars over the Internet, and mostly to people from further up North in Norway, with not so many cars sold to locals around the little town he lives in.

Despite being a car salesman, Stiat Holtet is actually a computer engineer from the Norwegian School of Information Science.

His company, Besth Invest, has found a niche in the car market where he only sells used vans for workers, contractors, and industrial customers. Yearly he sells around 110-120 such vehicles.

Says Stian Holtet:

“We have deals going with car officials in the Follo/Oslo area and they provide me with used cars frequently.

We also buy cars directly off ending leasing contracts. About 95% of the cars we sell are sold via the Internet,, the biggest “Craigslist” web site in Norway.”

Stian Holtet tells us that he does not put a car up for sale, unless he can beat every other dealer in Norway price-wise on comparable vehicles!

“We used to import luxury sedans from Germany, but there’s little money in it any longer.

Car revenue is around $1,500,000 USD (converted from NOK) / year. A little lower last year, because we were working on property sales and got also got a Thai food truck up and running on our property.”

What else occupies his time outside of car sales?

Here’s what Stian Holtet says:

“I also run a small computer company where I resell web hosting and web development packages to small and medium sized Norwegian companies, although the car shop takes up most of my time when I’m not spending time with my family.

I prioritize my kids and wife and family is very important to me. It’s no use to make money if I can’t be there as my kids grow up and follow them closely through kindergarten, school and life.”

Thank you Stian, for sharing your life’s experience and we wish you happiness and success in all that you do.

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2 Responses to “Car sales : The life and passion of a #domain investor from #Norway”
  1. Thomas says:

    Wow, DNF flashback, great to see him doing well, had some great domains for sale back in the day.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Thomas – Indeed, Stian is a top notch guy!

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