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Car sales : The life and passion of a #domain investor from #Norway

Stian Eng Holtet is a long term domain investor from Norway, whose remarkable career course was mentioned on Norwegian media. The computer engineer and self-professed “computer nerd” makes a healthy profit every year, selling not domain names, but cars! We reached out to Stian in order to seek the translation of the article that covered […]

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Dude, you’re getting a Dell : Domainer dumps Macbook Air for PC laptop

Once you go Mac, you never go back, they said. Bah humbug. With Apple pushing the element of thinness and weight for its range of Macbooks, they fail to promote other important elements these machines lack in. First of all, stability and serviceability. Once it starts misbehaving for unknown reasons, good luck getting your Macbook […]

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Domainer just married: Congratulations, Stian!

Just two weeks ago, we congratulated Norwegian domain investor, Stian Holtet. At the time, the occasion was Norway’s bicentennial; this time around, it’s Stian’s wedding.   Stian and Jeanette tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Norway. Although a honeymoon is expected, Stian is still busy buying premium domains, with a preference for LLL […]

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