Exclusive: Interview with Gerard Michael, founder of DNPost.com



When DNPost.com entered the presumably saturated domain forum market, we were not 100% sure about its direction and focus.

During its quiet launch phase, DNPost produced some very entertaining videos, showcasing humorously the competition between existing domain forums; admittedly, they were very nicely done.

DNPost.com founder, Gerard Michael, is an Internet entrepreneur and founder of several distinct enterprises; operating a domain forum was a decision triggered by its affiliation to other technology projects.

We reached out to Gerard, who kindly provided us with an exclusive interview about DNPost.com

DomainGang: Gerard, what is the primary goal of “yet another domain forum” and how does DNPost plan to make a difference for the domainer community?

Gerard Michael / DNPost.com : The primary goal for DNPost.com is not its function as a Domain Forum. Our plan is to become the media center for Domains, Domainers and the Domain Industry. The DNPost Forum is only part of this. Over the next several months we plan to launch additional services, including Domain News – Full Version.

DomainGang: That’s a very exciting and promising growth in a rather short amount of time. Was the particular domain, DNPost.com, used from an existing domain portfolio or was acquired for that purpose? What does the brand signify?

Gerard Michael / DNPost.com : We acquired the domain name DNPost.com in the aftermarket. It was actually our second choice at the time, but I’m very happy now that we were able to purchase it. DN can stand for either Domain Name or Domain News and worked well with what we wanted to do. The word “Post” means news to us, like Washington Post or New York Post. But it also means to post a comment or thread on a forum. So DNPost was the right domain name for us and very easy to brand.

DomainGang: Thank you for explaining this, it actually makes more sense now. How many people staff DNPost and are there plans for an expansion in the future?

Gerard Michael / DNPost.com : DNPost.com is only a small part of a much larger company. Most of our staff has a good working knowledge of domaining and the domain industry. Currently we have four people working on DNPost upgrades & other services. Our future is now. We are adding a Domain News Full Version Publication this month and are looking to acquire other assets.

DomainGang: It’s always exciting hearing about growth in the domain industry. DNPost is noted for its clean, uncluttered layout; the content spans just one page vertically, making it easy to browse. Is it clarity over density of content, and would that change in the future?

Gerard Michael / DNPost.com : Thank you for noticing the new forum style. It’s bold but yet simple. We plan on additional changes, but are happy with the look and feel. One of our goals is to attract more end users to help domainers sell their domains for more money. We want to be known as a place where premium domains are listed and sold. I guess right now, we could be classified as a boutique Domain Forum.

DomainGang: That’s a very smart strategy, indeed. The DNPost videos deliver humor and a positive attitude for the domain community. What else is there to expect in the future?

Gerard Michael / DNPost.com : We love video because it gets the message across quickly. Social Media is also very important for a start up company like DNPost.com. Both Videos & Social Media are the fun part of this business.

DomainGang: There is no doubt about that. Please share a few details about your business background and other ventures; domainers are curious to know.

Gerard Michael / DNPost.com : We have a vast knowledge in many areas. Forums, website & software development, media productions, news, skip tracing to name but a few. We all love the Domain Industry and see a bright future that we want to be part of. A free to attend Domain Convention is also a natural addition to our business, in the future.

DomainGang: Gerard, many thanks for this interview; it’s been great sharing with us your current and future plans, and we wish you lots of success in your ventures.

Gerard Michael / DNPost.com : Thank you as well.

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