Hard work pays off : TheaterTickets.com is a Husband and Wife domain project!

Joe Styler - TheaterTickets.com co-founder.

Joe Styler – TheaterTickets.com co-founder.

Joe Styler, Aftermarket product manager at GoDaddy, is an active and valuable member of the domain community.

With his assistance, numerous cases of domain theft have been resolved to their owners’ satisfaction, and many improvements have been implemented at GoDaddy, with regards to security and customer service.

Joe continues his successful work at GoDaddy full time, and the biggest domain registrar in the world is his career focus.

For the past few months, Joe Styler is also working hard on his own personal project, TheaterTickets.com, along with his wife.

The “Theater Tickets” project piqued our interest, and while it’s currently in soft launch mode, the web site is fully functional.

Here is what Joe Styler shared with us on his project:

I’m planning on a full launch in January but the site is up and fully operational currently. I’m building it out and working on organic SEO and getting feedback to refine the site from friends and family and doing some limited ad campaigns as well.

My wife and I are working together, and hoping to get a new business started with her, as she’s ready for a career transition. My main focus and job is still GoDaddy and I’m working on this in my limited spare time between two little kids, my wife’s ongoing business and my work at GoDaddy, so my sleeping pattern has changed!

I have been working on the business since June, after acquiring several ticket domains from Ira Zoot.

He has been a big help in getting me pointed in the right direction and also been a really good person to do business with. I know he is looking to sell other domains in his portfolio and I would definitely recommend him as a seller.

I have always been entrepreneurial in nature which is one of the things that attracts me to the domain investor segment and working with them to make sure they are successful.

As part of my work over the past ten years I have really learned what it takes to run a successful online business and I am looking forward to getting something new started on TheaterTickets.com.

My plan is a site I can be proud of in January with a year of bootstrapping and putting money back into the business so that I can leverage that to help theaters across the country meet and engage with more people.

I have always enjoyed the theater and opera and wanted to do something I can be passionate about.

There are a lot of productions around the country that could use more exposure and help to showcase the vast talent they have. I think with my understanding of the online space I can help offer them real value and hope to work on launching some things in that regard next year with more to come in 2017 but I want to make the business profitable and really be able from there to iterate and grow it from scratch.

I also want to make sure that the people buying tickets have a great experience.

My site focuses on ease of use, wide selection of tickets and events, secure transactions, and a 200% money back guarantee if the ticket you get from me does not get you into the event you paid for.

Simply put this won’t happen. My wife and I are focused on customer service and want to make sure that the ticket buyer and the ticket sellers both get exactly what they want and are happy with the experience. I want them to rave about us to their friends and come back again and again to do business with us.

I have already written a couple articles but plan many more which focus on things important to people who are interested in the theater.

The most recent article I wrote is on how to get tickets to Hamilton, the toughest show to get tickets to on Broadway currently, with a focus on ways to buy them at face value.

I’m really excited about this venture and can say that working on this for the past 6 or so months has made me even more aware of the issues small businesses face on a day to day basis and how as an employee at GoDaddy I can help them even more when I put myself into their shoes.

We can get tickets to any major event in the country and please remember my slogan, “If you need tickets to a show, TheaterTickets.com is the place to go!”

Congratulations to Joe Styler and his wife for this exciting new venture; so now you know where to go, if you need tickets to a show! 😀

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3 Responses to “Hard work pays off : TheaterTickets.com is a Husband and Wife domain project!”
  1. Good luck to Joe and Co. Hard work will pay off

  2. Joe s says:

    Thank you for the write up. We’re pretty excited about the opportunity we have and the ways in which we can serve the customers with this business .

  3. Omar Negron says:

    I wish him the best of luck.

    Joe is a great guy. I’m glad I’ve been able to connect with him over on Namepros.


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