Where in the world is Rick Schwartz?

It’s very uncommon for Rick Schwartz to sit all quiet for a while; the Domain King usually greets everyone with a jovial “Morning Folks!” from his blog.

But Rick hasn’t blogged since June 6th, something that leads us to believe that he’s up to something.

With only a few weeks left till TRAFFIC in Ft. Lauderdale, Rick Schwartz is most likely fine-tuning the event’s schedule, choice of keynote speakers and the dessert menu. Anything with chocolate is a winner.

And since there will be no Playboy Mansion whirlpool, TRAFFIC will most definitely be a success 😀

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8 Responses to “Where in the world is Rick Schwartz?”
  1. Anunt says:

    Where in the world is Rick Schwartz?

    I seen him at Fort Lauderdale Beach with a big sign that read, “Will BLOG for BEER”

  2. Emma says:

    Rick has no clue whatsoever about domains new development. Rick did hit a lottery jackpot in the 90s when he registered thousands of generic domain names. He had the money to risk ( to register and renew for some years). Rick is not a stupid man. He knows he got it right once and domain industry has changed dramatically and he is not the most qualified person to give advice on domains new developments. He does not want to risk his prestige for a comment that may in future prove he is wrong. Remember he bought flowers.mobi for $250k but he ended up selling it for $1500 or so.

  3. BullS says:

    Aren’t both of you guys neighbors?

    Hey,there is this thing called cell phone…you know

  4. Anunt says:


    Rick paid $200k for flowers.mobi….and i’m the lucky guy who bought it for $6500…LOL

    Rick lost all his money on this deal…

    I seen him at Fort Lauderdale Beach with a big sign that read, “Will BLOG for BEER”

    Somebody…please give Rick a beer so he can continue blogging!

    We need a good laugh!

  5. John says:


    I guess he made it up in candy.com, It is like a stock sell your losers and take the loss to off set your gains. Flowers.mobi is going nowhere that is why you bought it. You like to go nowhere. You don’t even own any domain names expect that one. And you borrowed it on a credit card. The worst part is that you are still paying for it.

    We all need more laughs from the monkey man who bought it for 6500.00. You live in his shadow and always will. Seems like you want to be like rick but don’t have the real cash. Maybe you should buy bananas.com and feed them to your self monkey girl.

  6. Anunt says:

    John, i own STFU.com …(Shut The Fuck Up)…LOL

  7. John who? says:

    @ John

    What’s your regular forum alias?

    Why don’t you use it instead of having an alias without a history or link

    I’m guessing you were that loser aka “Trader” who thought stockmarkettradingsystem.com was worth $200,000 and got pissed off & left domainstate for a yr or two when your appraisal at domainstate did not elicit the favorable response you were looking for

    Or that loser “jquail”

    Which loser is it?

  8. BullS says:

    Why are people so afraid to hide their identity?

    Nobody has come to give me s+hit when they read my “BullS”

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