7 Domain Development Ideas for Lazy Domainers

Here are 7 domain development ideas for those of you that aren’t really looking to spend much time or effort; these great recommendations come after years of research on what makes visitors click. Enjoy! πŸ˜€

NanoSite: Smaller than a mini site, the nanosite consists of one sentence and one 728×90 Adsense ad. Throw up a background color and you are done.

RSS Feed Reader Universe: Import feeds from one thousand websites. If you run them together in a farm of vertical columns they almost look like unique content.

Maybe Coming Soon: Landing page designed to collect email addresses and Adsense clicks but never meant to launch an actual site. No one will ever know.

Nude Ladies Affiliate Marketing Network: It’s something you work with on a daily basis if you catch my drift….why not make some of that money back and get paid for what you love to do?

Direct Merchant: Just forward the domain directly to any advertised company you see on your parked page since you will probably not see revenue from clicks anyhow.

Scan It: Scan your business card. Save as giant JPG. Upload. Done.

Dirty Details: Start blogging about every minute of your life from what you think about while taking a dump to the the look on your woman’s face when she first catches you scratching your balls.


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