Did you know : You can still transfer out expired domain names

Expired domains.

Domain names that have expired at their current registrar, can still be transferred out.

It’s not too late – as long as it’s done no later than 30 days after expiration – to move out domains from GoDaddy, for example, to Uniregistry.

Expired domains don’t get locked down with a “renew or else” ransom note, as that’d be against the rules.

Per ICANN regulations, all one needs is the authentication code and the domain to be in unlocked status.

Some registrars complicate things with the provision of auth keys in bulk, but there’s a lesson to be learned there: don’t wait until the last minute, in order to transfer domains out to the registrar of your choice.

Think about it: expired domains are also switched over to PPC pages monetized by the registrar, or their affiliate companies, so why would you lose traffic and funds by waiting?

Transferring out expired domains makes sense when they are sold at that stage. Domain investors often sell their expiring or expired domains, seeking to recoup the basic registration fees, or small amounts of money.

Never miss the opportunity to acquire a great, affordable domain again, just because it’s expired!

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One Response to “Did you know : You can still transfer out expired domain names”
  1. V says:

    They change active state to inactive. Moniker does so. And you cannot transfer it out. The domain must be active to be transfered out they say.
    And they don’t about ICANN rules. I tried and they forced to renew.

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