Domainer Monday : I’m *CRANKY* and I’m not gonna take this anymore!!!

Elliot Silver is selling

It was 6:45am when the phone rang.

Still asleep, drool wet on my pillow from last night’s excessive drinking, I picked up the phone.

Who is this, I muttered, squinting to see the number.

“Hey Lucius, it’s Elliot, good morning! Rise and shine, sunshine!”

At first, I thought it was a joke. Then I recognized domain investor Elliot Silver’s phone number.

“Elliot. Um, what’s up man? It’s not even 7am yet.”

Elliot’s familiar laughter assured me this was not an emergency of the bad kind.

“Well, I thought I’d give you a scoop for a change, I’m selling via Escrow and I was wondering if you would share the good news as the price is fixed for the next 48 hours. Not to mention, I paid for a premium spot at and my budget is tight.”

Cranky. Cranky? CRANKY?!!

I held back for a few microseconds before going ballistic.

“Are you out of your mind, Elliot? It’s freaking 6:45am on this side of the woods! I went to bed three hours ago and you call me about a domain?!”

Oh, I was so mad I could not stop yelling into my phone, despite Elliot being rather receptive of my crankiness.

“WHAT THE HELL is wrong with you Elliot, do you realize it’s MONDAY and I always get cranky on Mondays!!?!”

After listening to my cranky rant for a few seconds, Elliot said:

“No it’s not, today is Tuesday, Lucius.”

For a second there, I thought that Elliot was playing a joke on me, then I realized that Labor Day – yesterday – was a Monday.

“OMG Elliot. Thanks so much. I had forgotten all about it, and I have a dental appointment at 8:00am that I would have missed as I didn’t set up my alarm!”

Elliot laughed.

“See? I told you, rise and shine. And when you’ve had a cup of coffee or two, go check out my sale of”

Mumbling an extended apology to Elliot, I hang up the phone and dashed out of bed to take a shower.

The water in the bathroom was cold: I had forgotten to replace the heater valve over the weekend.

It was time to be CRANKY again.

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