End-users : Is your dream domain taken?

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If you have a dream domain, the odds of it been taken already, are quite high.

Most .com domains that are words existing in a formal English dictionary are long gone, and so are two word .com composites with a positive, brandable meaning.

That leaves non-domainers, often known as “end users,” with a difficult task in hand: how to choose the best domain for their business, brand or product.

By registering alternate extensions, such as .net or .org, can circumvent the unavailability of the .com, but there is a caveat.

As long as the alternate TLD gets developed into an active web site, SEO management can propel that web site to the top results of Google – provided that the .com is simply a parked, or perpetually “for sale” domain name.

Even ccTLD options are appealing, and while not everyone loves ccTLD brands such as .co, .me, .io and the like, there are plenty of successful web sites and businesses built on them.

The introduction of new gTLDs seemingly eliminates the need for a .com, particularly when keyword + gTLD form a logical pair. Google understands and encourages such combinations, and one can rank pretty high in search results, even when the combined keyword + gTLD already exists as a .com.

Many domain investors, on the other hand, tend to see those alternate options as “baloney” or a “conspiracy” against the almighty .com.

The truth is, that average aftermarket pricing for keyword .com domains has dropped substantially during the past decade, and the only way to achieve sales of second tier .com domains is through heavy discounts or well-attended domain auctions.

These days, domain brand building is more important than mere domain investing, and domainers who “get it” expand their options of success substantially.

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3 Responses to “End-users : Is your dream domain taken?”
  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Exactly! Well said! I completely agree! Brand building is more import today than it ever was before. The sooner the new wave of investors realizes that, the quicker they can get their feet wet while riding the new age wave of change in the industry. 😉

  2. DomainGang says:

    Eric – Thank you for your well-thought response!

  3. Josh Schoen says:

    Well written article, but do you mind expanding on your thoughts in the last sentence a little bit?

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